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Lilac grove

Founded in the first 20 years of the 19th century, on an area of 2 hectares, exists Dikanka’s famous lilac grove. This grove is of unique significance and considered in the same league as the best gardens in Ukraine. The grove was originally a quarry from which they removed clay for Kochubay’s brick factory, and […]

Troitska church

Dikanka’s second famous church is Troitska church. It was built in 1780, in a wooden Khrestovozdvishenskoi baroque architechtural style, on a farm in the historical center of the village. This church was visited by Cossacks.

Mikolaivska Church

On the south border surrounding the village of Dikanka, near the forest, is located Mikolaivska Church. It was built in the year 1794 by a well – known architect, M.O. Lviv, in a classical style.

The Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch, located at the entrance to the town, where most tourists and guests to Dikanka are greeted. This arch was built in 1820 to commemorate the visit of the Russian Emperor, Alexander I in 1817.

200th anniversary of Nikolai Gogol

Gogol’s early works, such as Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka, were heavily influenced by his upbringing in Malorossii and identity. Yet, the writer is often called the “father of modern Russian realism.”